3000 Bed Facilities with Oxygen in Tamilnadu by MEIL to Mitigate Covid Crisis

HYDERABAD, India, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Hyderabad based Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) is establishing over 3000 beds facilities with Oxygen across the Tamilnadu state to mitigate the Covid-19 crisis. It has already installed 500 Oxygen beds in just 72 hours in Madurai. As a part of the battle against the Covid crisis, MEIL is helping several states, including Tamilnadu. It has supplied Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) and created infrastructure facilities for hospitals. In coordination with CREDAI Tamilnadu and G Square Realtors, MEIL establishes Covid facility with Oxygen availability in various places in Tamilnadu, including Madurai. Mr M. K. Stalin, Chief minister, Tamilnadu, directly supervising these medical infrastructure facilities.  

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1070 beds in Chennai

MEIL is installing 1070 beds facility with oxygen availability in several hospitals on a war footing in Greater Chennai. It is also establishing on a fast track mode 200 beds each at Vellore, Erode and Ayyapakam, 100 beds each in Ambur, Nattaram Valli, Meishwaram, Vaniyambadi, Vallajh and 50 beds in Sholingar. So far, it installed 660 bed facilities and planning to establish over 3000 beds with oxygen readily available. 

Coordination with CREDAI, G Square Realtors 

Mr M. K. Stalin, Chief Minister, has inaugurated a 500 scalable Oxygen bed facility in Madurai Govt. Hospital on 21st, May. About 200 oxygen beds made available for immediate requirement. The remaining will be available in the next few days. With MEIL’s initiative, the state government is providing free treatment. This 500 bed facility with oxygen and other medical equipments was created in just 72 hours in coordination with G Square Realtors. Apart from this, MEIL is establishing 100 oxygenated beds at Annanagar in Chennai and Omandurar Government hospital. “MEIL is making every effort to mitigate the Covid crisis and supplying oxygen to the government and private hospitals free of cost. The MEIL’s top management and the staff involved in this effort. We feel it’s our responsibility to serve the nation in the crisis period. We have appointed a special team to help the government in battling the Covid crisis. Our Managing Director Mr P V Krishna Reddy personally supervising these efforts.” said Mr B. Srinivas Reddy. 

Mr Suresh Krishna, President, CREDAI Tamilnadu, said, MEIL, Olympia, TN Ispat Parishat Limited and Tirupur Exporters Association are establishing the Covid treatment facilities in various hospitals in Tamilnadu. We feel happy that MEIL has established an Oxygen bed facility in just 72 hours.”

Mr Bala, Promoter, G Square Realtors, said, “Nothing is important than human life. We feel proud that G square and MEIL are together helping the Tamilnadu government. The health minister and the health secretary are cooperating to establish hospital facilities in Tamilnadu.”

Responsibility in Crisis

While speaking on this occasion, Mr B. Srinivas Reddy said, “MEIL has executed many prestigious infrastructure projects worldwide. Under corporate social responsibility (CSR), we came forward to help the people in the Covid crisis. On the directions of Chief Minister Mr M. K. Stalin, we are setting up over 3000 bed facilities with all required equipment across Tamilnadu. As a part of this, we have already established and handed over the 200 bed facility to the government of Tamilnadu. We are planning to establish 200 PSA plants in several places in the country to mitigate the Oxygen shortage. We also began cryogenic oxygen tanks manufacturing with DRDO and Petroleum ministry cooperation. Supplied oxygen to the hospitals in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, and importing 11 cryogenic oxygen tanks, and handed over to Telangana government at no cost.”

About MEIL

Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd. (MEIL) established in 1989, is one of the fastest growing infra companies in India. Over the years, MEIL has constructed numerous structures like large civil constructions, oil and gas pipelines, pump houses, large water treatment plants, dams, reservoirs, power transmission lines, power generation units, tunnels – and all of them have an important role to play in improving the quality of life of the common man for many years into the foreseeable future.

For more information, please visit: http://meil.in/  

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