ANVIZ Biometric face terminal with mask and temperature alerts helps create confidence that it's safe to return to work and school

SHANGHAI, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Understanding access control technology has surpassed its core application as a security tool and is helping protect individuals from infection, Anviz announced the release of a strategic addition to its product line, Go Touchless – FaceDeep 5 and FaceDeep 5 IRT.

ANVIZ Biometric face terminal with mask and temperature alert helps create confidence that it's safe to return to work and school

Safely Return to work and School during the post pandemic period leaves people with a question -with what health and safety precautions.

Anviz has introduced the AI-based face recognition terminal with mask and temperature alerts, equipped with a dual-core based Linux CPU and the latest BioNANO deep learning algorithm that enables it to recognize a face with accuracy and greater speed.

According to Mr.Felix Fu, Product Manager at Anviz Global, the dual camera for live face detection and mask, temperature alert are the key features of Anviz touchless series that will make students and employees follow rules to wear masks during this period.

Furthermore, combined with the latest Time Attendance and Access Control Management software- CrossChex, Anviz offers the total solutions to enforce rules that require masks and normal body temperature to access entry.

With easy installation and multiple authentication options, the device can be used at public buildings, government facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, professional service firms and retails.

As global demand for hygiene safety and protection is increasing, Anviz FaceDeep Series provides the best solution to reduce the worries of returning to office and school during the post-pandemic age.

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