Black Mirror Shared Universe House of Tomorrow Theory

Over the previous couple years, Black Mirror—Netflix’s Twilight Zone-esque sequence dramatizing the horror of our technology-obsessed world—has develop into the go-to method to describe any scary, smartphone-adjacent horror. Russians stealing our personal information from a goofy face-morphing app? Black Mirror. Surveillance tech that may detect concern? Black Mirror. The Renegade dance? Black Mirror. (For me, at the least.)

Now, let me direct you to essentially the most Black Mirror factor to ever occur within the historical past of Black Mirror. On a Reddit web page dedicated to fan theories, consumer Terminal5664 put collectively one of many wildest conspiracies you’ll see constructed round any present, interval. Within the lengthy, admittedly convoluted concept, Terminal5664 makes a case for why we dwell in a simulation made by the present’s creators.

Let me attempt to distill the backstory as clearly as potential earlier than we quote the Reddit publish. Mainly, the creator of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, has stated the world of the present is a multiverse. And if you happen to’re conversant in the sequence, you’ll know that it has a knack for referencing different episodes, and having the identical actors return all through the present—i.e. “Metalhead,” there’s an element the place we see each episode of Black Mirror so as. And, in “Black Museum,” we see Jack studying a “15 Million Merits” (one other Black Mirror episode) comedian, which you’ll see is made by Home of Tomorrow, Black Mirror’s real-life manufacturing firm. It’s meta as hell.

Let’s flip it over to Terminal5664, who claims to know why:

The large secret behind Black Mirror is that the reveals episodes happen on servers created by home of tomorrow. Every thing that occurs within the present is simulated. Each individual within the present is a cookie. The soul goal of those servers is so HT can simply monitor and observe a complete multiverse of individuals in order that their errors and successes could be become items of media and given to our world and different worlds in black mirror by means of packages like netflix or bodily media just like the video games and comics

Yep, you learn that proper—on this concept, Black Mirror’s manufacturing firm runs a number of simulations. And it mines every simulation for story concepts… which it distributes to different simulations. So Black Mirror, the Netflix present, exists in each simulation. (My mind hurts.) And, within the shocker of all shockers, we dwell in a kind of simulations too. As in: A few of the occasions and folks from Black Mirror really exist in our actuality.

I believe that the creators of the present are trying to indicate that we’re in one in every of these servers and are cookies additionally. That is why they’ve made web sites akin to tuckersoft.web and aswell as many others. These web sites can be utilized to immediately contact characters from the episodes as if they’re actual. The dialogue on all of those web sites describe all the pieces as if the present has partly taken place in our actual world. Most of the web sites allow us to use the applied sciences within the proven as if they’ve been despatched to us. A retailer was opened up promoting the comedian books. We even noticed Mileys character Ashley O preform on stage at glastonbury pageant

So, sure—Miley Cyrus is definitely a simulated pop star made by Home of Tomorrow, named Ashley O. Should you’re not greedy this, don’t fear—it’s like wanting right into a mirror with a mirror in again of you. For what it’s value, Terminal5664 thinks Home of Tomorrow is torturing us for monetary acquire, in fact, but additionally to keep away from dangerous outcomes for its personal world.

So The producers of Black mirror, HT are giving these episodes between universes, however why? Properly it could possibly be principally for monetary acquire, however I imagine it’s primarily used to warn of the issues that they could face by exhibiting worst case eventualities. Should you can simulate each potential future, then you’ll be able to learn to keep away from any dangerous scenario.

Get all of that? Yeah? Bought? Cool. Now, return to mattress, leap in your workplace desk and scream till HR comes working. Spend your life financial savings on a single meal at your nearest McDonald’s. It is a simulation! None of this issues.

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