Chi Universe, a Wellness Start Up Company, Has an Amazon Best Seller That Helps Kids and Parents Gain Focus for Homeschool with a Yoga Mat & Game

Parents are looking for ways to help their kids be calm, energized, and focused for in-home learning. Chi Universe offers a unique solution with a Yoga Mat & Game. The yoga curriculum, game mat design, and online business are proving to be effective. A new tech upgrade and the app is free, with a guided soundtrack teaching kids how to breathe properly, and to follow the symbol system on the Chi Mats for body alignment. Chi Universe makes yoga fun, plus all the positive wellbeing effects.

Chi Universe, a Wellness Start Up Company, Has an<a href= data-recalc-dims= Amazon Best Seller That Helps Kids and Parents Gain Focus for Homeschool with a Yoga Mat & Game”/>

Santa Monica, CA, April 08, 2020 –(– Phresh, the Chi Universe IP holding company, is happy to bring wellness into homes for kids and families especially at this time. As parents struggle to keep kids on track in new home schools roles, there is a way to help kids get their school day started and easily transition into the next subject with concentration and delight. The secret is a yoga break. Yoga, breathing, and mindful movement therapies energize the body, calm the mind, and aid mental focus. Chi Universe offers a unique solution with a Yoga Mat & Game.

The Chi Mat has a functional design with a symbol system that properly aligns the body, and gamifies yoga. Based on the principles of alignment and anatomical averages, the mat comes in two sizes: Kids size & Tween/Teen/Adult size. Together, kids and parents can do their home-based work out and yoga practice, and the sweetest part is the quality playtime bonding. It gets everyone physically active, de-stresses the body, wakes up the brain, and increases happiness.

Chi Universe Yoga Mat & Game makes yoga fun, and is a well thought out curriculum delivered in 10 levels. Inside every Chi Mat is a double sided how-to game poster of 200 poses, one side features the kid’s program, and the opposite side features the Creator and Yoga Trainer, Bobbi Hamilton, CYT. There is a free worldwide downloadable app that just went through a tech upgrade, free kids videos online, and a card game deck as an alternative to screen time. It is a comprehensive educational Yoga & Wellness program.

The Chi Universe App does not require the Chi Mat, although it is more fun (matching the symbol system on the app to the mat), and can make a great wellness gift. The audio guides you in proper breathing, cues, and how to “style a pose.” The game teaches players to freeze for 3 breaths, to increase Chi or Life Force Energy. Downloadable Worldwide for Free on mobile and tablet, iOs and Android.

Additionally, there is a Chi Universe Teacher Training program available to assist in integrating the program into schools, clubs, studios, and homes. The Chi Universe Yoga Mat Program has been featured by Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! LA campaign, the UN for HerStory, Four Seasons Resorts, Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop holiday gift guide, and American Airlines as “Start Up of the month” in their inflight magazine American Way.

Not only does yoga facilitate learning and wellbeing, it offers kids and families a way to overcome the health consequences of Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs which include traumas from alcoholism, violence, divorce. Yoga, Wellness techniques, and Games become lifelong tools for coping and healing.

Bobbi Hamilton, CYT
Creator & CEO of Chi Universe
IG @chiuniverseyoga

CEO of Chi Universe, and Celebrity Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Bobbi Hamilton, CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher) is a UC Berkeley graduate and athlete, and a published cancer researcher for UCSF/Mt.Zion Medical. She turned her focus on creating solutions for the childhood obesity epidemic. Applying her laboratory skills to field research she conceptualized a new kind of engaging play-along fitness video for kids and created/produced Animal Yoga which aired on PBS Kids as promo spots reaching an estimated 20 million households from 2003 to 2008. Bobbi went on to create the Chi Yoga Mats from over ten years of research, teaching, play-testing, and producing fitness content for kids and families. She is a Patentee, and Creator of the Chi Universe.