Cornwall to host G7 summit of world leaders : ukpolitics

I’d of thought the Isles of Scilly would have been a better location, and also in Cornwall. It’s the only place in the entire of the UK that is Tier 1, nowhere else in Cornwall, or the rest of the UK is. There are five inhabited islands – St. Mary’s, Tresco, St. Martin’s, Bryher and St. Agnes, but it has over 200 islands and located only 28 miles from Cornwall.

However, Tresco is ideal – Unlike the other islands, is primarily run as a holiday resort, and virtually all activity and employment is tourist-related, it’s more aimed at the luxury market – various A* star celebrities have holidayed here, and continue to do so, including the Royal Family. Prince Charles owns most of Isles of Scilly and most of its properties under the Duchy of Cornwall, but he does not own Tresco – that is privately owned by Robert Dorrien-Smith. Prince William and Kate Middleton had their honeymoon on Tresco, as Robert-Dorrien-Smith owns every single property, and business running on Tresco. The entire island can easily be secured, including it’s surrounding waters, and features a private airport. It has more than enough suitable properties, to hold a conference and more than enough five-star rated luxury cottages for the World Leaders to stay in. It can be completely shut off, from all the other islands and absolutely no one else on the island, but them.

On the other islands, tourism is important but does not dominate to the same extent as Tresco. I have family on St. Mary’s, and we often go over in the summer, as it’s often very warm/hot and the water crystal clear with white sand. Tresco, and actually Isles of Scilly as a whole is predominantly aimed at families, birdwatchers and repeat went as children, and are now taking their children – one thing they all have in common, they have money, and plenty of it and are generally back each year to stay in one of several holiday-lets.

It’ll cost you around £790-850 outside of tourist season, and £1200-£1800 during tourist season, but can get a lot higher to stay in a self-catering property per week. You can stay in a bed and breakfast, all of whom offer excellent home-made food, and freshly baked goods, and a great place to sleep. It all depends upon the size of the property, the standard of the property and it’s location/proximity to the main attractions, restaurants, delicatessens, gift shops, clothing stores, cafes and anything else you’d desire – ironically, it has no cinema, nothing like a McDonalds, and local food stores or a little Co-Op, and several banks on St Mary’s which is the main island.

Do you love seafood? Great, you’ll find some of the best and most fresh seafood you’ve probably ever tried. Do you fancy a seafood sandwich? Make sure you’re willing to spend upwards of £13, and that most other food will be in a similar price range, and higher then you expect to pay back home when eating out, but probably higher quality food as well.

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