Democratic politician says she has Covid after sheltering during riot with maskless GOP members : politics

Yep, of all the pitfalls of this political party, this is one is the most stark and irrefutable. The POTUS literally made fun of people for wearing masks.

That is unforgivable and not a single positive thing that he could have done thereafter could have repaired the damage they caused by politicizing masks.

Talk about missteps. You honestly can’t believe a single thing someone says after they demonize masks.

It is literally the most obvious “right answer” and Republicans, conservatives, and right wingers got it wrong. How can I trust a single one of them to make a good decision if I know they somehow thought it a good idea to use masks as a political tool.

The party should not exist after such a dumb decision. But here we are, with 70M votes to their name…the US is so fucked.

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