Exclusive: Bollywood Actress Pooja Chopra On Her Holi 2021 Plans And Her Wildest Memory Of The Festival

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Holi 2021 is very different from all the other times the Indian festival of colours has been celebrated. The world is in the midst of a pandemic and there are restrictions on celebrations of any kind where a large crowd and intimacy could be involved. At such a time, the famous Bollywood Holi parties are not being held, with actors and filmmakers having a small celebration at home. Bollywood actress Pooja Chopra tells FilmiBeat how she is planning to celebrate Holi at such a time. She also remembers her most crazy and atrocious Holi, and is thankful that nowadays people celebrate the festival with organic and natural colours.

“So last year, yes, we couldn’t celebrate Holi because of the pandemic. And this year also, there is going to be a ban on all private and public Holi celebrations. So, no Holi this year as well. But I will be celebrating it with my family because that’s the way I like it the most.”

Exclusive: Pooja Chopra On Her Holi 2021 Plans And Her Wildest Memory Of The Festival

About the Holi special recipes and dishes at home as also the celebration with Holi colours, Pooja says, “There will be puranpolis and all the other Holi delicacies that will be cooked at home! And hum shagun ke liye gulaal toh zaroor lagayenge – my mom, my sister and jijaji, my niece and me (We will apply some gulaal colour to each other, as is considered auspicious). We will eat good food and listen to some nice Holi songs like Rang Barse and Do Me A Favour Let’s Play Holi, and dance to them!”

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The Commando actress feels that being at home this Holi and celebrating with family only is the least we could do to control the pandemic. “We will still feel the vibes, with family, good food…and masti toh tab bhi hogi, sirf bahar nahin hogi (we will have fun, just not outside the home). That’s fine. That’s the least we can do to stay safe for ourselves and people around us during this pandemic. So that’s exactly how Holi 2021 looks like,” she says.

Prod her about her wildest, craziest Holi memory, and Pooja says, “I was in the eighth or ninth grade and had stepped out of the house to play Holi itself. But hamare society ke senior bacche itne shaitaan the (the senior kids in our society were so mischievous)…girls especially…you would be surprised. They had created an inflated pool in the building with a lot of colour, and they were throwing all the kids in! They did the same to me. Mujhe bhi pakda aur usme phek diya!”

“And when I stepped out, they put factory colour on my face and it couldn’t be removed for four-five days! They were those ugly silver and gold colours, which I didn’t know how to get rid of. The colour was inside my nails, my ears, on my teeth, my hair! (laughs) Oh my god, it was so difficult. It was the worst, crazy, disgusting, atrocious Holi nightmare ever that I witnessed when I was in school!”

After this incident, Pooja Chopra didn’t play Holi for the next few years! She reminisces, “After that I didn’t step out to play Holi for the next two-three years! From my balcony, I used to simply look at others play Holi. But I am glad that in the past few years, people have shifted to a more eco-friendly Holi and organic colour Holi, which is much better.”

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