Five reasons why you should watch Sharwanand and Samantha starrer

C Prem Kumar’s Telugu remake of his hit film ‘96’, titled ‘Jaanu’ is hitting screens this Friday. The film has a lot of expectations pinned on it due to the massive hit the Tamil original was. While Sharwanand and Samantha are reprising the roles Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha played in the original, Varsha Bollama will be reprising her role. The film also sees music by Govind Vasantha who composed for the original. While film buffs and fans will have enough reasons to watch the remake, here are our five reasons why:

The story

‘Jaanu’ tells the tale of two high-school sweethearts who meet years later at their reunion. Having moved on in life, the duo walk down memory lane, revisiting their story and wondering what could’ve gone differently. With a story like that, which is not a run-of-the-mill love story, it’s difficult to not look forward to the film.

The cast
Sharwanand and Samantha are known for delivering knock-out performances and with these two in the lead, it’s only natural the film is in safe hands. Varsha Bollamma and Gouri G Kishan reprise their roles from the originals and the duo had already proved their mettle in the Tamil original.

The direction

‘Jaanu’ and ‘96’ are C Prem Kumar’s first films. For a debutant to carry a subject like the one at hand and extract the best from actors like Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha could not have been an easy task. With the remake, it is expected that the director will have pulled off the tale a second time around.

The music

Govind Vasantha composed the chartbusters for the original Tamil film and the numbers are a hit not just in Chennai but everywhere else too. The music of ‘Jaanu’ is no different. BGM plays a key part in any kind of storytelling and with the OST released, it remains to be seen how he manages to pull that off.

The magic of it all

The story showcases an incident wherein two high-school sweethearts meet each other again. First love is a favourite of Indian cinema but with such a tender and relatable subject, it’s hard not to connect. Plus, the scenes where the duo reminisce are bound to be nostalgic for many, because who hasn’t had a crush in school?

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