Meitra Hospital unveils the new spirit of Health, Hope & Happiness

KOZHIKODE, India, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kozhikode-based Meitra Hospital refreshes its spirit and brand identity that firmly represents its ‘people-first approach’ to address the healthcare needs of the region. The move comes as a response to the growing need for sturdier health services in wake of the current pandemic. As a demonstration of this new essence, the hospital has launched a unique collaborative Phygital healthcare model called the Meitra Care Network, which was inaugurated by Smt. K K Shailaja Teacher, Minister for Health, Social Justice and Woman and Child Development. The initiative is a conglomerate of partnerships and associations of healthcare providers to make modern healthcare available to more people, across geographies. A host of healthcare professionals, doctors, public & private hospitals will join hands under the Meitra Care Network to make the best of healthcare services more accessible through technology. The event was also graced by Dr. Beena Philip, Mayor Kozhikode, Mr. Faizal E Kottikollon, Chairman, Meitra Hospital & Founder Chairman, KEF Holdings, Dr P. Mohanakrishnan, CEO Meitra Hospital and Dr. Ali Faizal, Director, Meitra Hospital.

“I congratulate the Meitra Hospital team on this new initiative. It is indeed a brand that is dedicated to delivering quality care and which keeps evolving in response to the need of the hour, just like their Tele-ICU project at Kozhikode’s Beach Hospital a few months back.  I am looking forward to their expanding footprint beyond the current geographical boundaries to help quality healthcare reach people in regions that are in need of such services,” said  K.K Shailaja Teacher, Minister for Health, Social Justice and Woman and Child Development.

“The pandemic served as a reality check. The challenges it presented threw us into deep introspection as a team. We realized that to pull the world together we needed to push ourselves harder, we had to adopt a more aggressive attitude and a newer spirit. We needed to ensure that people start putting their faith back in the system and continue to draw hope from healthcare. Underpinning this philosophy is the new brand promise of Health, Hope, Happiness. Bringing hope & happiness to the people by delivering excellent healthcare services to everyone, is the essence of Meitra,” said Mr. Faizal E Kottikollon, Chairman, Meitra Hospital & Founder Chairman, KEF Holdings who had established the hospital in 2017 with a vision to transforming the healthcare delivery in the region by bringing internationally acclaimed care delivery models.

We recognize that most people want to get their healthcare as close to home as possible. The Meitra Care Network aims to keep care more approachable by providing guidance for many cases that might otherwise require a referral to a specialist in different cities. This will spare patients the expense and inconvenience of additional appointments and unnecessary travel. If specialty care is needed, patients can be seen by their local provider in conjunction with the Meitra Hospital’s team of specialists physically and digitally. At the core of this network is clinical collaboration. Our specialists will work together with local physicians, consulting and sharing resources to complement their practice. Through the network, we will aim to touch 15 million lives in the Malabar region within 2 years,” explained Dr P. Mohanakrishnan, CEO Meitra Hospital.

“Technology has been proving to be a great enabler in ushering disruptions across multiple sectors. In healthcare as well, we have seen the role the recent advancements that have played in propelling great innovations to democratize healthcare through wider access. Meitra Hospital has launched this care network with a twin agenda of not just bringing world class care right at the doorsteps of people but also simultaneously strengthening the existing infrastructure to make it more robust and ready to address various requirements including critical care,” said Dr. Ali Faizal, Director, Meitra Hospital.

The network will also have flagship clinics under the initiative that are powered by advanced device-assisted telemedicine. Apart from bringing multi-specialty consultation through telemedicine, the Meitra Care Clinics will provide services that are essential to that region & need attention. The clinics will have an advanced physiotherapy & fitness studio, psychological counselling, diet & nutrition counselling, along with a pharmacy, laboratory& home care services.

A part of the bouquet of offerings will be the centrally located Meitra United Heart Centre which will aim to be a panacea for the heart patients who earlier used to travel long distances to seek tertiary cardiac care and will come equipped with a technically competent Cath Lab, operation theatre enabled for cardiac bypass and open-heart surgeries; along with OP & IP services by specialists from Meitra Hospital.

Meitra hospital plans to keep expanding its network of Tele-ICUs, hospital alliances, doctor partnerships & technological innovations in the entire Malabar region within the next two years. The Hospital, a tertiary care 220 bedded facility comes equipped with latest in healthcare technology and finest talent. It has over the years of its establishment demonstrated its promise to deliver highest levels of care that match global standards.

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