Mr. Amit B Wadhwani, M.D of Sai Estates shares his thought about the $5 Trillion Dream of India

MUMBAI, India, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Managing director of Mumbai’s Sai Estates Consultants envisages an India with an economy of $ 5 Trillion. Unlike many others, he does not think that this vision is out of reach. Despite the perils and losses due to the COVID-19 crises, he strives each day to come closer to this dream.

Mr. Amit B Wadhwani, M.D of Sai Estates has a unique take on this subject and would like to shed a little light on this imperative matter within the horizon of his understanding. As an entrepreneur, businessman and leader, he does not doubt saying that this, in fact, is plausible. India is emerging as a force to be reckoned with, and with that title comes the perks of the potential and ongoing financial peak.

“The one thing that he claims to have understood about India is that adversities don’t fluster our great nation. We’re always willing to look right into the face of distress and say, ‘Not today!’ Whenever misfortunes such as the Coronavirus rises, India deals with it, recovers, and stands taller than ever. So will the case be with this financial conundrum,” said Mr. Amit B Wadhwani. Having a keen sense of the genre, Mr. Wadhwani truly believes that the key to achieving this mammoth-like goal is enveloped in the infrastructure treasure horde of the nation. India was once deemed as a golden bird. Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India has envisaged a future wherein the golden bird analogy may really come true. There is a boatload of investors, crossing seas and skies, coming over to India to invest in an exquisite spread of opportunities. Several rating agencies have said that the fresh investments required to make the economy achieve the $5 trillion goals would amount to nearly Rs 500 lakh crores over the 7 year period from 2021 to 2027.

Real estate’s share in GDP is 6.3%: report. The contribution of the real estate sector to India’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been estimated at 6.3% in 2013, and the segment is expected to generate 7.6 million jobs in the same period, according to a report by global property consultant CBRE. Now, imagine what would happen if all the big players were to flock into real estate investments. It could have a substantial impact on the nation’s GDP, maybe even enabling the percentage to go up to 20%.

Amit is an artist and visionary when it comes to understanding the real estate fraternity. In his opinion, buildings are a metaphorical goldmine for actual gains. Several overseas investors are flocking towards the rich opportunities in India. The polarizing factor here is that if a foreign business tycoon decides to spend all his hard-earned money on an overseas project, he must have an unwavering amount of faith in the returns.

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Mr. Amit B Wadhwani is a highly regarded and sought-after public speaker, writer, producer, anchor and thought leader. Professionally speaking, Amit B Wadhwani is the managing director of multiple firms, including Sai Estate, Buffering, IAMSAI and co-founder of SAI Estate Management and Skills Institute (SEMSI). SEMSI is a premium institute dedicated to sharpening and refining real estate professionals.

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