Neoteros and AppIt Ventures Launch BoxMetrix, a Tracking and Monitoring Platform That Will Help Companies Save Billions of Dollars in Lost Revenue

BoxMetrix is an all-in-one monitoring, tracking and operations management system that helps companies protect their high-value assets at scale.

Neoteros and AppIt Ventures Launch BoxMetrix, a Tracking and Monitoring Platform That Will Help Companies Save Billions of Dollars in Lost Revenue

Denver, CO, March 31, 2021 –(– Neoteros (previously UCEC Smart), an industry leader in providing dynamic business intelligence solutions and AppIt Ventures, a Denver-based custom software development company, today launched BoxMetrix (Patent Pending). BoxMetrix is a web-based application that helps companies in a variety of fields protect and preserve their high-value assets anytime and anywhere.In the United States alone, over 37.5 million containers are transported daily. Of these 37.5 million containers, approximately 25% of them are lost or damaged in transit. These recurring instances are costing companies billions of dollars in non-recoverable expenses, every year (Freight Waves, 2018).

While there are a number of software applications that can track the location of important business assets, BoxMetrix is unique because of its highly intuitive monitoring and management features. Take-state-of-the-art satellite imagery and GPS, pair it with the industry’s most intuitive hardware commissioning tool and user interface, and combine it with a full-blown management system, and you get the BoxMetrix product. “It’s one app that works to consolidate many unique systems and workflows,” said Garrod Massey of Neoteros.

Additionally, the BoxMetrix trackers can be commissioned and fully operational in just under a minute, at which point the application will start ingesting the data, and visualizing it in a highly informational, user friendly way. With an industry leading battery life of up to 14 years, BoxMetrix users can literally set it and forget it.

“Our vision for the BoxMetrix app has always been to empower users to focus on scaling their business, not managing assets. We want to help them work smarter, not harder through the effective use of technology,” commented Garrod Massey of Neoteros.

BoxMetrix is available to users and organizations across the United States, including moving and portable storage companies, supply chain, cold chain (food and beverage), pharmaceutical (clinical trials), rental companies, insurance and equipment, and more.

BoxMetrix is the industry’s most intuitive Asset Tracking and Monitoring Platform. BoxMetrix delivers remote monitoring of high-value assets, utilizing highly configurable sensors and state-of-the-art GPS. Integrated satellite imagery and cutting-edge analytics provide unparalleled visibility and situational awareness, aiding businesses in operational decision making and maximizing ROI. To get a private demo of the BoxMetrix app for your company, visit

About Neoteros
Neoteros, headquartered in Arvada, Colorado, helps physical venues use data to streamline operations and improve visitor experiences. Our Dynamic Business Intelligence solutions and services are trusted in retailers, universities, smart cities, airports, churches, industrial settings, and other large venues around the globe.

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AppIt Ventures is a Denver-based, custom software development company that focuses on achieving their clients’ business goals through thoughtful architecture, design and quality development. AppIt Ventures’ strengths are in custom software and mobile app development for small, medium, and enterprise level businesses. The company specializes in building consumer apps, business apps, healthcare apps, and industrial applications.

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