New Startup Assists Businesses; Empower Employees in Diverse, Inclusive & Equitable Cultures

New Startup Assists Businesses; Empower Employees in Diverse, Inclusive & Equitable Cultures

Indianapolis, IN, May 03, 2021 –(– Today, Culture Fit 20/20 announced the launch of their culture-centric company.Culture Fit 20/20 provides solutions for companies seeking to boost employee engagement and increase diversity and inclusion, resulting in greater innovation, and improved performance and profitability. Solutions are guided by an advisory board, which represents the views, interests, and needs of the diverse demographics reflected in today’s workplace.

“Our focus is on building high-functioning, inclusive organizations where employees are valued, empowered, and engaged,” says Susanne Bowen, Culture Fit 20/20 founder.

Culture Fit 20/20, itself, is comprised of a diverse team of consultants from a wide range of backgrounds and spanning various industries, government entities, and the not-for-profit sector.

“The level of expertise, experience and enthusiasm Culture Fit has attracted prepares us for the most challenging of assignments,” says Bowen.

Services fall in two areas:

Culture Services
– Customized cultural assessments
– Design and implementation of Solutions Roadmap
– Periodic review and revisions to Roadmap

Professional Development Solutions
– Personalized Opportunity and Development strategies
– Mentoring and coaching to enhance and optimize skills and development
– Workshops focused on providing in-depth educational and development for leaders, project managers, and employees

The Value and Need for Culture Fit 20/20 Services

“In a global environment of growing uncertainty and declining governance, Culture Fit 20/20 enhances the well-being, preparedness, and alignment of employee’s values with those of the companies in which they work with a view to creating inclusiveness and meaning. This has never been more urgent and necessary than today!”
– Dr. Michel-Henry Bouchet, Distinguished Finance Professor – SKEMA

Start strengthening your culture today to respond to the demands of tomorrow by contacting Culture Fit 20/20.

For More Information:
Culture Fit 20/20
Better Vision for a Better Culture
(317) 458-2200
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