Shop Amazon’s Bluetooth Earbuds and Speakers Sale Now

We’ve reached peak Bluetooth gadgetry. There are 10 million wireless earbuds to choose from, 10 billion wireless headphones, and 10 trillion wireless speakers. They run the gamut from top-of-the-line products to random, ripoff junk found in the dark alleyways of the online marketplace. Our two cents is to stick the recognizable brands that are consistently well-reviewed. Unfortunately, those tend to cost more, as quality does. But sometimes the stars align, and a lot of name-brand, attention-worthy gadgets go on sale at one time on Amazon. Now is that time. These are 10 Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, and speakers that you can get for a discount this weekend.

GO 2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This is the perfect shower speaker. But if you aren’t sold on the whole”shower speaker” thing—it’s life changing, we promise—maybe that price drop will convince you. 

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Boom 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is a workhorse. It has great audio quality and big sound. It’s also completely waterproof and highly durable. It’ll be with you on all your adventures.

AirPods with Charging Case



$128.99 (19% off)

These things are everywhere, and for good reason. Once you get past the funkiness of the design, there’s five hours of playback in the buds and an additional 24 hours in the charging case.

AirPods with Wireless Charging Case



$168.95 (15% off)

If wireless charging makes all the difference to you, these AirPods are on sale, too.

Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker



$180.99 (28% off)

If you prefer stylish speakers over sporty ones, Marshall’s Stockwell II is a favorite. It looks cool as hell while producing clear, rich sound. 

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HT-MT300/B Mini Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer



$198.00 (43% off)

Small living rooms and 32-inch TVs still deserve the movie theater-quality experience a soundbar delivers. Sony’s mini model comes with a small wireless subwoofer for extra oomph. 

Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones



$199.95 (20% off)

You truly cannot do better than the Powerbeats Pro when it comes to totally wireless headphones that’ll keep up with your workouts and commutes. 

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AirPods Pro

$249.00 (6% off)

Obviously, the discount isn’t exactly impressive. But these are really good earbuds, with an unbeatable noise cancellation feature, so anything helps. 

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Solo Pro Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones



$249.95 (17% off)

As far as on-ear headphones go, these Beats give you all the important features—noise cancellation and transparency, long battery life, deep bass, and a carrying case.

4K Ultra HD 5.1-Channel Soundbar with True Wireless Surround Speakers



$499.95 (40% off)

Make the leap to a soundbar that’ll also give you surround sound on a relative budget—and most importantly, without wires looping everywhere. Plus, a wireless subwoofer.

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