The Acrylic Painting Kit – A Monthly Subscription Gifting Option from The Boxed Art

MUMBAI, India, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Boxed Art is a monthly subscription box, which helps one learn different forms of art within the comfort of their homes.

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Acrylic  painting kit consist of industry standard acrylic colour set with few canvas, a friendly guide about how to do acrylic painting, artist pencil set, rubber, sharpener, free designer mask, free designer stickers and few more surprise art supplies whixh can be used to make the specify form or can be used a super artists heart desires. 

The set is very useful for people who don’t know where and what to have before doing the art. It helps minimize difficulties in gathering art supplies and also learning the form. Every box has Discounted art supplies with free learning tutorials for the art form. 

It is a self motivating ‘do it yourself’ art kit consisting of different art forms like oil painting, acrylic painting, water painting, crafts, knitting, pottery, sketching etc with an absolute friendly guide included.

Making art is a beautiful way for all kids and adults alike to express themselves. It is an excellent outlet for their feelings & helps them develop their creativity. Through art-making, kids and adults alike can learn the importance of focus & experimentation.

The boxed art made my experience of pregnancy way interesting, it helped me in several ways and most importantly, I found myself happy and all charged up and I think that was all I needed! Well that’s my secret to Happy pregnancy! ” said, Aditi Shelke, a happy customer.  

Available for purchase at & priced between the range of 500 to 3000. The Boxed Art is recommended for children, teenagers & adults, as learning has no barrier of age.

The boxed art received a lot of messages from people about teaching them art or conducting workshops & this led s to the creation of The Boxed Art.

Due to the Pandemic, remote learning has become very essential. The boxed art helps one do so by delivering all essential materials to learn a specific form of art and with a friendly guide inside at their door step every month.

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