This 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has Unlocked Success By Removing Negativity From His Life

David Scher, aka DJ Scher, is the proud owner of three businesses and a partner of one more. He has unlocked his financial freedom while he was still just a teenager. How did he do it? According to him, he removed bad habits and cut people out of his life who didn’t believe in him.

Thoughts are incredibly powerful. They are the drivers of all that we do in the real world. If your thoughts aren’t fully focused on being successful, you will find it incredibly difficult to achieve any sort of success. This is what DJ Scher learned early on, which is why he took extreme measures to ensure he could become a successful entrepreneur.

DJ Scher was very young when he first got inspired to become his own boss. This excitement was quickly deflated by his close friends and family, who didn’t believe in him. They didn’t think he would be able to achieve the level of success he now enjoys. This led to significant repercussions, like finding it more challenging to believe in himself. 

Seeing this negativity as being the reason it was exceedingly difficult for him to gain any traction towards his dreams, he started taking drastic actions. First, he cut out bad habits that were taking away from what he wanted his focus to be, which was becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

Then, he did something which was perhaps even more challenging: cutting off people in his life who were constantly telling him he would fail. These would be friends and family members, which made it difficult to take decisive action on removing their negative influence from his life. However, it was thanks to removing these obstacles that he no longer saw himself getting sabotaged. David would have the wind at his back, sailing towards his dreams.

Pretty soon after that, he started up a digital marketing agency called Scher Marketing. This would become his pride and joy. Through his marketing agency, he would end up helping countless brands all over the world expand their reach and skyrocket their growth on social media platforms like Instagram. 

DJ Scher would also end up starting his own online drop shipping company. Called Luxsy, this store would be geared towards products for the young female market. Drop shipping exploded in 2020 due to the pandemic-related restrictions on non-essential physical storefronts. That led to drop shippers like David becoming very profitable. David’s third business is Cozze, which is a hair product company. 

Thanks to his three businesses, he has unlocked immense success. It is only now that he is successful that people who were naysayers before have showered him with praises. However, he will not forget that they initially didn’t believe in him. He will also remember that he kept going, even when nobody believed in himself. The most important thing is that he believed in himself. 

You can follow DJ Scher on Instagram @DJScher, as well as his agency Discontinued Talent @discontinue. You can also connect with his marketing agency @ScherMarketing.

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