Valor Compounding Pharmacy Uses Technology to Better Serve Clients in Challenging Times

One of our continuous improvement efforts was to assemble a needs assessment for a quality management system software that would document measures Valor has taken to improve quality from concept to customer.

Our main objectives were:

  • Reduce risk
    Improved product quality by managing all processes and data on a single platform
  • Ensure compliance
    Collaborate on and create company-wide policies, procedures, and SOPs
  • Reduce errors
    Boost employee productivity by eliminating manual data entry and double-checking of data
  • Design for quality
    Leverage customer insights early in the product design process to improve product quality
  • Manage complaints
    Keep customers safe by having up-to-date data at your fingertips
  • Keep training records
    Assign and track all training records in one place to ensure compliance

After assessing multiple softwares, we are proud to Announce Our Partnership with Propel. Propel provides the only cloud-based quality management software solution that seamlessly connects with our CRM, and service platforms to create a true closed feedback loop that seamlessly integrates product realization, quality processes, and customer complaints. “Continuous performance improvement is integral to compounding pharmacy operations and Propel will allow us to seamlessly address product quality, processes, and customer concerns for better outcomes,” says Christine.

About Valor Compounding Pharmacy
Valor Compounding Pharmacy™, Inc. is a multi-state licensed 503A facility housing both sterile and non-sterile laboratories, located in Berkeley, CA. Valor is a specialized pharmacy that makes custom medications to meet the unique needs of the individual patient. Our goal is to reinvent pharmacy from a reactive vendor to a proactive partner in patient health care. We do that by optimizing turnaround time, being data driven, and by reducing patient anxiety. Our focus is on non-sterile and sterile, hazardous and non-hazardous compounded medication, and we work with a network of providers, patients, health systems / institutions, and research scientists in multiple states in the United States.

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