Vape Shops Face a Choice: Close or Rebrand?

EAST HANOVER, N.J. — Adam Mitrani opened his first Darth Vapor e-cigarette store six years in the past after his carwash enterprise collapsed.

Earlier than lengthy, Mr. Mitrani, 48, had a second retailer in New Jersey and one in New York. Enterprise was brisk, he mentioned, and he was optimistic that providing people who smoke an alternative choice to tobacco would assist him coast into retirement inside 10 years.

As an alternative, he’s shutting down certainly one of his New Jersey shops on the finish of the month and getting ready to inventory the very merchandise he has spent years serving to prospects stop — tobacco — within the different.

Darth Vapor, like roughly 270 related outlets in New Jersey, is crammed nearly totally with merchandise that will probably be unlawful to promote within the state by mid-April.

The American Heart Association had argued that the legislation did not go far enough, and should have included a complete ban on all vaping flavors and tobacco and menthol cigarettes. An effort to end the sale of menthol cigarettes in New Jersey stalled in the Legislature.

Disposable e-cigarettes also are still allowed under the federal guidelines, a loophole that teenagers have begun to exploit by switching from refillable e-cigarettes like Juul to disposable varieties like Puff Bars, which come packaged with nicotine cartridges and cannot be reloaded. New Jersey’s law makes disposable e-cigarettes illegal to sell.

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